Marcelo De Cicero

Marcelo De Cícero is the mayor of Ouro Verde De Minas.






Marcelo Xavier




Marcelo Adriano Xavier de Vasconselhos, better known as Marcelo De Cícero is a Brazilian politician from the city of Ouro Verde de Minas, MG. He ran in the 2020 elections as mayor, which he won and took office shortly thereafter in January 2021.


The visual identity process for the campaign was entirely based on the colors of the Brazilian flag. Green, yellow, white and a light blue that would serve as a background for the most prominent pieces. The objective here was to bring patriotism and resemble the colors of the flag to a specific politician, as competitors wore orange and red as official colors.

It was also necessary to fix the candidate's number, 15. That's why the number 15 was placed on the right side of the name. To always use repetition and be able to record it in the subconscious.



Yellow is an eye-catching color. It awakens the attention of the subconscious. no wonder it is used on signboards, and at traffic lights. We are already used to it.

In this project it was specifically placed at number 15, in the logo. drawing full attention to the number, since the name has neutral and uniform colors, in addition to following a horizontal line, an imaginary and symmetrical rectangle.  


C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

# 202020

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 87

R: 32 G: 32

B: 32

# 44C6EA

C: 61 M: 0 Y: 5 K: 0

R: 68 G: 198

B: 234

# ED1667

C: 0 M: 99 Y: 38 K: 0

R: 237 G: 22

B: 103


In addition to patriotism, the colors green, yellow and blue bring sensations and feelings to the brain that further enhance the look of the political campaign.

Blue is a universal color, it brings confidence, security. The clearer, the cleaner. The transparency and honesty that need to have a policy.

The green

Green is perfect for the occasion, it denotes nature and the environment. In this case, it was more than necessary to use it, as throughout his political speech the candidate always emphasized the importance of investing in local agriculture. And he made this one of his main causes.

Gradiente Vermelho Amarelo


With COVID 19 around the world, meetings and demonstrations needed to get off the streets to avoid crowding and become more present on social networks with lives, content that instigated people's critical sense, curiosities about the city and citizens' rights that many still don't. knew. Bringing online entertainment to people with relevant stories.    



October 15th Teacher's Day

The networks produced weekly content on all major platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. On Instagram in particular, videos or informative carousels were posted that talked about proposals and curiosities both about the city and about citizen rights. And always on specific days, national and international holidays, topics consistent with the date were addressed.  

In the picture above, a tribute posted on instagram on teachers' day. With the name of all the city's educators forming the candidate's face, which later posted proposed for education.