So you have a 

great idea, but

don't know how

to express it?





Visual ID & Packaging

is a snack company for the
Pet market. See more.




Visual ID

​is an entertainment webpage. See more




Visual ID & Packaging

is a high-tech supplement company. See more.


Three Crowns

Visual ID

it is distilled with the purest sugarcane flavor. See more



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is a physical and online men's clothing store See More



Visual ID

is a supermarket in the interior of Minas Gerais. See more




Visual ID

is an online and face-to-face course in spelling and writing. See more


Marcelo de Cicero

Visual Id & Social Media


Marcelo De Cícero is the mayor of Ouro Verde De Minas. See more





Visual ID

is an online and face-to-face course in spelling and writing.


Wizard of Oz

Visual ID

is a private school specializing in early childhood education. See more


about us

So you have a great idea, but you don't know how to express it? Okay, we do that for you. Creating is our thing!

Here at Jota Pê Design, our philosophy is to enter the customer's world. Did you not understand? It's simple, we believe in your business! Ah, not only do we believe, we also immerse ourselves in the elaboration of a project in which, your product or service, will be the best that the market has ever had. Together, your company can become the new Apple or even a Coca-Cola of life. Yes why not? For us, you are all that good! Based on this reality, we will make your brand convey all the values, status and prestige you have always dreamed of.



“Differentiated professional who captures the idea of your brand in an impeccable way. If you want to innovate and surprise your customers, this is the place. Your company will have a sensitized service, which respects your identity and your ideals! Thank you for the respect, for the delivery within the agreed deadline, for everything being within the parameters and for the excellence regarding the creation. In fact, Jota Pê Design is a unique company on the market! Very recommended! ”

- Jéssica Xavier, TATICA

about us

In a nutshell, we take care of your image. We will create a project of how you will present yourself to the world and what a feeling it will cause in people. After all, you want to expand your business, right? And how are you going to convince your customer that you are the right company to solve their problem without them ever having tried your product or service before?

The answer is quite simple, you do it yourself all the time in your choices. Just ask yourself how you determine that something is good without ever having used it before. Certainly, you should look at the price, the quality of the material used in the packaging, the design, the colors, even if unconsciously. It seems very superficial, but we human beings are bound to be judged by appearances. And this is exactly the X of the matter. Everyone wants to show their potential, that they are the best in what they do and that there is no better person in the world to solve that problem, but the difficulty is precisely how to do it ...

You already know all the values and benefits that your product / service brings, now all you have to do is pass it on to your audience. And that's where we come in. We will study your target in depth and find out what most catches your attention. What colors, what shapes, what tone of voice is best suited for that audience, what personality needs to have ... All of this always respecting your history and who you are. In fact, we don't want to change you, we want to add to your journey! Make you more commercial and prepared for a market full of sharks.

how it works?

It seems very simple, but it is a very thorough process full of studies and tests ...

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the first step we will send you a document, the Briefing. Basically, it is a form that will serve as a guide for the entire creation team. In it, we gather precious information from the entire project.


After completing the entire briefing, our team will begin to study all the information and develop the first sketches.


In the second step, we'll send you a report showing everything we've gleaned from our surveys and the drafts of what will become your company's new brand for approval.

After choosing one, we will go to the testing and application phase. It is at this stage that we will see how your image behaves in the most different contexts.

It is also in this step that we will create the visual pattern of your brand that must be followed to the letter. After all, we are developing a persona, a concept, a standard and a flag that should be seen with a lot of "patriotism" by all employees and managers, as this whole set of ideas will fix the image and add more value to your business .


We are almost there…


In this step we will show the result of everything. This is where you give the verdict on whether the identity is approved, or if any changes are needed. If approved, we will go to the last step, which is the elaboration of the brand manual. He will be your greatest ally in everything related to graphic pieces, as he is the one who will always help future designers involved in the project. All this to maintain an accurate and consistent standard for your company to convey a stronger and more professional image.

Request a quote and let's take this huge leap together!


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